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So for REAL this time, i have a flash coming.

I'm done with SWiSH Max. That shit is whack yo.
I'm working on one now.
I'm not dropping any spoilers.
But it's a tad more violent.

Do not go here
or here.

i'm sorry you had to see that.


Got a Flash Coming Soon

2010-02-21 14:28:08 by izzygoBOOM

Alright kids, I just made this account last night, hence the lack of anything interesting going on.
I've got a flash that's 99.9% done..
But I need an audio-recording device, which, as of now, I do not have at my disposal.
Theres dialog or some shit like that. Goddamn.
Dialog does not have a 'U' [Dialogue]
I've been spelling it wrong for almost ten years.
Check in in a couple hours if the flash isn't up yet you little fuckers, I'll get through this somehow.

Kind regards,


Open wide. >:D

Got a Flash Coming Soon